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We are able to diagnose and treat sciatic pain. From degenerative wear and tear, to acute sciatica from disc bulges or piriformis syndrome. At the back pain clinic, sciatica usually responds quickly to our osteopathic care.

At Cram Osteopaths we diagnose and successfully treat sciatic pain, from degenerative wear & tear to acute sciatica from disc bulges or piriformis syndrome.

When it comes to visiting the correct specialist knowledge of back pain, we have a wealth of experience in helping patients with Sciatica, even with the most challenging of pain dilemmas.

We can give you access to Scotland’s independent and family run osteopathic clinic which has a proud and long history helping people with many different types of Sciatica.

We are recognised as one of Scotland’s largest, independent, family run, Osteopathic practices. We are very proud of our long and distinguished heritage in helping people with back pain.

What is Back Pain?

The back is a very complex area, with nerve-rich facet joints on the back of each spinal bone. This is the most common source of back pain. If you are experiencing any issues with these pairs of interlocking facet joints that connect the spinal bones, then you should contact us today for a consultation into your back issues. If these joints are not moving correctly, they can cause painful symptoms.

The discs that are situated between spinal bones can be a common source of back pain too. These rings of fibrous tissue act as spacers, connectors and shock absorbers for the spine. Many types of trauma can cause the soft tissue between the disks to bulge or herniate, putting pressure on delicate nerves nearby.

You should consider Osteopathy before:

  1. Bed Rest – lots of independent research now shows prolonged bed rest can delay healing and recovery of back issues, and make the problem worse.
  2. Exercise – this is the equivalent to continuing to drive your car with poorly aligned tyres. The problem won’t solve itself!
  3. Pain-killing medication/Anti-inflammatory drugs – whilst pills may offer temporary relief through reducing inflammation, they will not correct functional problems of affected joints.
  4. Surgery – a very drastic choice to solve chiropractic back issues, with considerable risks that does not necessarily guarantee success.

Osteopathy is safe and effective and will help you achieve not just short term relief but long term well-being.

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