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About The Back Pain Clinic

Today The Back Pain Clinic cares for patients from all over Scotland, getting people out of pain quickly, and keeping people healthy.

At The Back Pain Clinic we diagnose and successfully treat a wide variety of back problems. From sciatic pain, to degenerative wear & tear, to acute sciatica from disc bulges or piriformis syndrome. We are specialists in treating back pain, and would encourage you to consider a consultation with one of our specialist team.

Your specialist treatment team


Joanna has incredible enthusiasm for making her patients feel better. Joanna has fantastic energy and always ready to help you. With this vigorous, refreshing, desire to get you out of pain quickly, Joanna will have you feeling better very soon.


Michael has an incredible focus on his patients needs and wants, he just loves helping his patients get out of pain quickly. Michael has a great record for back pain sufferers and has a special interest in spinal pain and injury.

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